Good Morning!


I am linking up with Jenn again today for another wonderful session of WIAW.  I love to see what other people eat so I can get new and exciting ideas. These eats are going to be from Monday since I worked Tuesday so my eats were great, but boring, you don’t want to see that!!

So here is what I ate Monday, and I hope you can find some inspiration from my meals 🙂

Breakfast:  Around 9 ish-  quick and easy

Protein Oatmeal-  Good ole oatmeal never fails me!

oatmeal 4

1 packet plain oatmeal- egg whites – stevia – water or almond milk – peanut butter = YUM

After breakfast I hit the gym for an arm workout and some HIIT cardio.  My Polar watch said I burnt about 500 calories, so I was happy with that 🙂  I need to use my watch more often, it gives me motivation to work harder!

** Protein Shake after my workout.  I tell you guys how important refueling with the right amount of carbs/protein after a workout is!  I drank it so fast before I could even snap a picture.

shake 2

Before picking up lunch I ran to my protein supplier and restocked on some vanilla protein and they had the new quest bar- White chocolate raspberry.  I took it for my snack at work yesterday, and I actually really liked the flavor!  Good combo quest!

quest 2

Lunch:  Around 1 ish I think – protein and veggie filled 

I picked up a salad from Panera and headed to my mother in laws salon to get my hair and nails done!  I love those kind of days 🙂  I ate my salad while my toes were soaking.

pedi 2




Afternoon snack:

Protein Mug Muffin-  1 scoop vanilla protein powder- 1 tbsp PB2- 1 stevia packet – water – You can also add one egg white if desired, but you don’t really need it –  pinch of baking powder

This is what the batter looks like before:

mug batter

Microwave for 90 seconds at least.


mug muffin

Top with more peanut or almond butter if desired!!

I also had a handful of this good stuff because I just wasn’t satisfied.


You know you all have those days when you could eat your WHOLE ENTIRE KITCHEN.  Monday was one of those days for me!


Flatout Pizza

flatout pizza

Ground turkey – turkey bacon – cheese – peppers – tomatoes

Bake at 350 degrees F for 10 minutes.

Dessert:  1 slice- Blueberry Banana Protein Bread.  AMAZING


Recipe on the blog tomorrow 🙂

How is your HUMP Day going?