Good Morning and Happy Monday to you!

I had a pretty relaxing weekend, how about you guys?  Nothing too crazy happened except for I watched a lot of Breaking Bad.  I have to admit I have been a blog slacker lately, and I am blaming it on my new obsession with that show!  My husband and I are catching up on Netflix and we are on Season 3!   We watch at least one episode per night (sometimes up to 3 or 4!) so if I miss a day of blogging that is why!  We have the new seasons on DVR for when we are all caught up.

1.  Because of my new obsession I saw this fun game on a “Blood Sweat and Cheers”.  What a great way to spend a Sunday night….I could have some really sweaty, or drunk nights if I played this throughout all the seasons on Netflix 😉

Workout like an addict

2.  My sister-in-law just announced recently that her and my brother are expecting their first child!!  Yay, I am going to be an aunt!

3.  Sarah Kay Hoffman aka: A gutsy girl has a fun Summer eats, treats & dessert ebook that is now available for purchase.  The good news is that as a very special bonus, she is giving a complimentary sample (1.5 ounces) of my brand new nut butters to anyone who purchases the ebook!  

chocolate peanut butter with cacao nibshoney vanilla bourbon peanut butterjava almond chip

I jumped right on this deal!  All of her recipes in the book are soy, gluten, and grain free!  Many of them are dairy, egg, and sugar free as well. I can’t wait to receive mine in the mail.

If you would like to purchase the ebook, it only costs ($6.99)

If you would like to purchase the ebook and have one (1) complimentary nut butter sent to you it is only ($10.99)

If you would like to purchase the ebook and have two (2) complimentary nut butters sent to you it is only ($11.99)

Jump on this deal 🙂

4. Nikki’s Coconut Butter is having their one year anniversary sale!  Save 10% on 2 or more jars by entering the code “oneyear” at checkout! PS.  Today is the last day to save so hurry up and order !

5.  Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products

Ava product for the body.

I get an itchy rash type thing on my legs, and it is usually after I shave.  The dermatologist has classified it as “folliculitis- or inflammation of the hair follicle.  This has been going on for years and I always have to buy expensive lotions, only use disposable razors a couple of times and get shaving cream for sensitive skin.

The most recent product I have tried and LOVE is the Ava Anderson hand and body lotion.  This stuff is the bomb!

ava body

The ingredients are awesome too.  Here are some of them:  organic aloe vera gel, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, sweet almond oil, etc etc.

I hope you try some of these fun finds 🙂

Do you watch Breaking Bad?