Good Morning!  Happy Tuesday!

Last week our good friend’s Jenny and Micah welcomed their baby girl into this world!

baby riffle

We had to go visit them right away!


eric and harper 2

How precious is she!?!?  I just love babies (when they aren’t my own, haha)

I’ve seen so many different ideas for gift baskets for new moms, so I decided I would make one for Jenny.  I took some ideas from Pinterest and created a basket that I thought Jenny would really like!

New Mom Gift Basket

basket 2

recovery kit

I think I found this on pinterest somewhere too. Perfect 🙂

basket for jenny


Now the details on what’s inside:  Let’s break it down shall we:




I’ve never had a baby but I hear a lot of women like so soak in epsom salt.  I used to soak my feet in it when I was little, so it can’t be a bad thing right!?

nursing pads

I think this is a given 🙂


hot or cold

You can never go wrong with hot or cold packs for aches and pains.  I love these.

I also heard new mom’s don’t get a lot of time to themselves or even time to EAT which is very important, so I tried to pack her some healthy, easy snacks that she can just grab n’ go!

WANTS:  (At least these are some things I love and want!)  So Hopefully she will enjoy them!


Kind Bars – Belvita biscuits – Nut Mix –  Dark Chocolate – Whole Wheat Beer Bread Mix from Wildtree


I’ve actually never had these but they looked really good!

tea bags

A cute mug with a variety of other tea bags plus one of my favorites:  Blueberry


I got this cappuccino a while back and still haven’t opened it so I thought maybe she would get better use from it.  Jenny- if you are reading this, I hope it tastes good 😉


My new obsession – Drink in moderation of course.

hot oats

Hot oats are the bomb!  Easy for on the go also.

At the last minute I made her cookies too!  Just as good as homemade.


So that’s the new Mom gift basket that I put together.  You should definitely pin this!

Have you ever done anything like this?