Good Morning, and Happy Friday!

Today we are talking cookies!  Trail Mix cookies people!


trail mix 2




cookie plate

I’ll get to those cookies in a minute but first,  yesterday was such a busy day that I barely even got on my computer to blog or read any blogs at all.  I think I read maybe 3!  I started my morning by going to the gym, eating breakfast, and meeting my dad to go pick up our king size bed!  Finally a king bed, I was so pumped!  Look at this:

That’s my bed!

bed 2

After we set up the bed I did some cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, etc, etc, etc.  Oh, I did manage to get a lunch in there 🙂  I had a grilled flatout wrap with chicken, spinach, cheese, tomato, and yogurt ranch dressing.


I think the only time I actually sat down was when I went to visit my friend Jenny and her one week old baby!


I hope Jenny doesn’t mind her baby blowing up my blog!

That was fun 🙂  I took her some food for the next couple of days because her hubby is out of town, boy do I wish I could help her more than that but all that baby wants is her momma!

After visiting with the babe, I can home, made dinner, did dishes, did more laundry (having a 12 year old step son is a challenge sometimes –so much clothes that I didn’t know existed!),  packed my lunch and Alec’s lunch and then to top it all off I made cookies (FROM SCRATCH!)  So I was cooling those bad boys and writing this at about 9:15 when I should have been going to bed since Im working at 6:30 am! SHHEESH.

Enough of that right!?  Well here is the recipe for some sweet n’ salty trail mix cookies.  And I should add, who doesn’t love a sweet and salty combination, seriously!?  I didn’t go all healthy with these cookies, using regular sugar, brown sugar, and BUTTER, these babies are the real thing!!  I must say the cookie DOUGH is the best part!


Trail Mix Cookies :  I used this recipe exactly!

The star:

trail mix bag

trail mix cookies

Lily really wanted some cookies too:  Sad face!  Let me tell you she did not even deserve a treat at all yesterday because after 5 years of not getting on the couch Lily decides shes the queen on the castle and can do whatever she wants….found her on the couch plenty of times today, not to mention eating food out of the garbage can, such a stinker!  She’s so bad, but I just can’t resist that face 🙂


So glad It’s Friday!  What are you doing this weekend?

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?

Do you have a love/hate relationship with your pets?