Good Morning and Happy WIAW!

WIAW is not about judgment and comparing yourself to others, but about inspiring others and enjoying new recipes and food creations.  We all love food right!?

Peas and Crayons

So with that being said, here are some of my eats from Labor Day Weekend!

I started my weekend off right: With protein pancakes!  I actually had them Friday and Saturday Morning!

pancakes 1

pancakes 2

Mushed in between each layer was some of this goodness:

coco almond buter

Amazing!  I love #wholefoods!

You can find these pancake recipes on my recipes page and on Instagram 🙂


Eric and I watched like 85 episodes of Breaking Bad and we are almost caught up to the episodes that are on TV now!  It is getting good now!

What a bad A** that Walt is!

We also went TV window shopping for our new room that Eric thinks is his “Man Cave” – Think again Babe!  We also went to dinner and I had a bison burger with sweet potato fries.  No picture sorry, but just imagine the goodness in your head!!

WE concluded the night at a friend’s house where the boys watched the UK Football team get killed 😦


Ate Quiche


And more cheese!  This stuff is amazing!

Took Jackson to the dog park!


jack 2

Hung out with Friends at Devou Park, watched fireworks, ate lots of food!!


Lots of good food!  These were my favorite!


Taco Dip!

taco dip

My first taste of Pumpkin- PumKING Beer.  Delicious.  I hope I spelled that right!?




Crossfit WOD:  Hotshots 19: BRUTAL!


I finished in 45:24.  Like I said BRUTAL… The running was the worst part because it’s not flat of course, up hill for sure had my dying!

More TV Shopping and we bought one!  We also spent time with the in-laws for dinner.

Have a good Hump Day! Head on over to Jen’s page to see what she’s been eating on!

How was your weekend!?