Good Morning and Happy Friday!

I am on my way to my sister’s graduation from the Police Academy this morning!  I can’t believe she is almost done.  I remember when she was being sworn in.  Here we were:


Congrats sis!

Anyways, on to some eats, and some new things I have tried lately.

Stuffed Sweet potatoes.  You can literally mix anything with a sweet potato and it tastes good 🙂


Quest Cookie Dough Bites


Cut A Chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar into 4 pieces.  Bake for about ten minutes at 350 degrees until they puff up a bit (like cookies).  Eat plain or top with coconut or almond butter! YUM

More sweet potato, broccoli with laughing cow cheese mixed in, mini babybell, chicken


Shakeology: Vanilla

Sorry if you like this stuff, but I couldn’t even take more than one sip without gagging, I did not like the flavor at all.  I mixed it with almond milk but even if I mixed it with lots of fruit and made a smoothie I think the flavor is so strong that I still wouldn’t like it.  Just my opinion #sorryimnotsorry


Sunwarrior Protein

Another protein that I just did not like!  It did not mix very well at all and kind of tasted like dirt to be honest.  Oh well, I’ll stick with what I know I like for now 🙂

Laura said she mixed hers with oats and it tasted good so maybe I’ll have to try it that way next time.


Egg White Oats with blueberries and chunky peanut butter- The Bomb!


Quest “peanut butter sandwich”

This may not look like anything fancy but let me tell you it was!  Of course another chocolate chip cookie dough quest bar (my favorite flavor) cut in half, smash some peanut butter between the two and microwave for about 30 seconds.


Think Thin Bites

I have seen these before but never tried them. I do love the regular think thin bars but I kind of took a break from them.  These little bites are great if you just need a little something 🙂

think thin

 Kernel Season’s Giveaway:  Thanks for everyone who entered!


The winner is:


“Popcorn is an absolute favorite snack! Add in all these amazing flavors? Heaven on earth!! The bacon cheddar, the chocolate caramel…sounds amazing and gluten free is a HUGE bonus!”

Congrats Wendy, Please email me at fitcupcaker (at) gmail (dot) com with your full name and mailing address to claim your prize!


Love Quest Bars Like I do? What’s your favorite flavor?