Good Morning!  Happy Hump Day!

If I can get over this hump I will be a happy girl.

Sorry I have been MIA these past couple of days, I’ve just had so much going on with family and I am working A LOT, too much probably!  I just wanted to pop in and give you guys a little update on life and I’ll also include some fitness since it’s been a while since we talked about it!

I am not liking up for WIAW because I took absolutely NO pictures yesterday, what a great blogger I am!

Anyways, Last week my sister graduated from the Police Academy, yay!





Isn’t she so professional looking!

I made her these amazing carrot cake cupcakes to celebrate.  Although I can’t take full credit, I do take some because I helped with the icing, but these are from Wildtree, and they are amazing and so easy to make!



Now, I know I am a little late with this, but I’ll let you know what I am doing this week related to fitness and let you know some of the meals I am planning 🙂





Didn’t make crossfit and too much going on so I ran up the road to the gym and got about 45 minutes of lifting in 🙂


Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  Partner WOD At crossfit.  I am so glad my sister is home!  She is my workout buddy!

partner wod

Friday:  Crossfit

We will be working on Front Squats, strength, stamina, and accessory work.

Saturday:  OFF or Lifting at the gym (Will probably decide on Saturday after work!)

Sunday:  Lifting at gym


Last night we had BRINNER.  Probably the best dinner ever if you ask me!


Chicken apple sausage – scrambled eggs – Van’s English Muffin with Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese

Now, how are the eats coming along, you ask!?  Well yesterday I stopped at Target (bad idea) and got this coffee.  I am so excited to try it!  Target= #neverleaveemptyhanded


I also made chili for Wednesday and Thursday night dinner.  I used a new chili packet from Mrs. Dash.  We will see how it turns out.  While I was cooking I prepped some roasted sweet potatoes for my lunch.


Friday:  Probably fish or Chicken of some sort….I feel like I am getting boring with cooking lately, I need some inspiration.  Any ideas?

Saturday:  Pizza at mom’s

Sunday: TBD

What are you up to this week!?