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Good Morning!  Happy Friday.

I am so glad to be off today!  This is what happens when you work too much:  Laundry to the ceiling!


After my chili dinner (again) last night, I decided I would throw together a good ole protein snack!  What goes with the Fitcupcaker better than protein!?  Probably nothing!

These No Bake Protein Nuttzo Balls are Inspired by Kristin over at Stuftmama!  She has some of the greatest recipes.  She gave me the idea to use my Nuttzo that I won back at Blend Retreat, and crushed cereal, Genius!


I just mixed these two cereals together (about 1/2 cup) but you could use more!


If you don’t have nuttzo you can use peanut butter or almond butter.  I don’t think there is a better combination than peanut butter and chocolate!


Here is the recipe!

nuttzo ballz 2

I mixed all the dry ingredients together first.  Then mix wet ingredients and add everything together.  You will get a good hand workout 🙂  Stir stir stir it up.  Roll into balls or use an ice cream scoop.  Refrigerate and enjoy!

nuttzo 2

Try not to eat them all at once 🙂




Are you cooking anything fun this weekend? I want to make a fun snack for the Bengals game on Sunday!

Good Morning!  Happy Hump Day!

If I can get over this hump I will be a happy girl.

Sorry I have been MIA these past couple of days, I’ve just had so much going on with family and I am working A LOT, too much probably!  I just wanted to pop in and give you guys a little update on life and I’ll also include some fitness since it’s been a while since we talked about it!

I am not liking up for WIAW because I took absolutely NO pictures yesterday, what a great blogger I am!

Anyways, Last week my sister graduated from the Police Academy, yay!





Isn’t she so professional looking!

I made her these amazing carrot cake cupcakes to celebrate.  Although I can’t take full credit, I do take some because I helped with the icing, but these are from Wildtree, and they are amazing and so easy to make!



Now, I know I am a little late with this, but I’ll let you know what I am doing this week related to fitness and let you know some of the meals I am planning 🙂





Didn’t make crossfit and too much going on so I ran up the road to the gym and got about 45 minutes of lifting in 🙂


Wednesday:  OFF

Thursday:  Partner WOD At crossfit.  I am so glad my sister is home!  She is my workout buddy!

partner wod

Friday:  Crossfit

We will be working on Front Squats, strength, stamina, and accessory work.

Saturday:  OFF or Lifting at the gym (Will probably decide on Saturday after work!)

Sunday:  Lifting at gym


Last night we had BRINNER.  Probably the best dinner ever if you ask me!


Chicken apple sausage – scrambled eggs – Van’s English Muffin with Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese

Now, how are the eats coming along, you ask!?  Well yesterday I stopped at Target (bad idea) and got this coffee.  I am so excited to try it!  Target= #neverleaveemptyhanded


I also made chili for Wednesday and Thursday night dinner.  I used a new chili packet from Mrs. Dash.  We will see how it turns out.  While I was cooking I prepped some roasted sweet potatoes for my lunch.


Friday:  Probably fish or Chicken of some sort….I feel like I am getting boring with cooking lately, I need some inspiration.  Any ideas?

Saturday:  Pizza at mom’s

Sunday: TBD

What are you up to this week!?

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