Inspiring fitness lovers to have their cupcake and eat it too!


I try to work out at 5 days a week. This includes weight training, cardio of some sort, usually elliptical or running, and my new love of crossfit. I have tried Pure Barre which I did for about a month and loved!  Maybe I will dabble into some yoga here and there too. I hope you enjoy these workout routines!

Weight Lifting:


A Girls Gotta Bench!– Great chest exercises for women!

Back and Biceps–  Some different exercises in this one!

Back/Shoulders workout

Back & Shoulders -Fast Upper Body– this workout is very quick, will keep your heart rate elevated and you will be sore the next day!

Bicep Burn– this switch up will have your muscles burning by the 2nd exercise!

Biceps workout #1

Change it up Chest Workout– This is a total chest workout that women CAN do!

Chest/Abs #1

Short & Sweet Chest Exercise– This workout should take you less than one hour!

Strong Arms

Triceps Workout

Ultimate Upper Body


Love your Legs Workout

Perfect Leg Workout


Legs & Biceps


Pump Up The Jam– Upper and Lower Body


“Tabata” is the name of a particular type of workout program that provides similar health benefits to that of cardio workouts, but Tabata has a bit more spice. Instead of hours upon hours or exercise, Tabata can be completed in 4 minutes. Tabata falls under the category of high intensity training or high intensity interval training.

Full Body Tabatas

No Equipment Necessary Tabata– Full Body!!

Strong Workout

Tabat Time – This a combo of legs, abs, and some cario

Wobbly Leg Workout

Winter Wonder Tabata –  This includes full body and abs!

I like to use my GYMBOSS for Tabata Training:

Circuit Workout:

3 Times the Abs

Ab Burner– Short and Sweet, but your abs should be sore the next day!

Cardio and Chest Circuit – Don’t skip your chest ladies!

Merry Leg Circuit – Max Leg workout!

New Year Abs Circuit

Summer Abs Circuit Workout

Super Sweaty Ab Circuit

Upper Body


40 minute treadmill- lazy girl

30 minutes treadmill incline workout– This workout will test your limits for sure!


My First Experiences

Pure Barre Burn

Pure Barre “Pretzel”

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