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Last night was the first real SNOW fall that I have seen!! Woo Hoo! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

snow snow

snow 013

After work yesterday I went to the gym and did a 5 minute warm up on the elliptical followed by BACK and SHOULDERS .

You can see my other back and shoulder exercises too:

A Holiday Workout

Fast Upper Body

I super set with mostly abs exercises:


I super set all my exercises to get done quicker so I could get home to watch X- Factor.  I also watched some at the gym 🙂  Who were your rooting for? I was voting for Carly Rose the whole way!  Shes too cute.

Carly Rose Sonenclar struts her stuff.

I saw this on Sam’s blog and loved it.  Totally true!

Over the past couple months my arms gained 1/2 inch. By February my goal is to gain another 1/2 inch!!

Oh yeah! (This is all you get from now.)  My friend told me that if I wanted to blog to be a success I had to post before and after pics, well here is my arm at least 🙂  Maybe more to come later.


When I got home from the gym I had a Greek Yogurt!


I don’t know about you guys but this holiday season has been so tempting.  There is BAD food everywhere, and I crave sweets at night. Instead of giving in, follow these rules :

This is what I have to deal with everyday at work!  And this isn’t even half of it!  Of course, nobody brings fruits or veggies!

I try to just walk away so its not in plain sight, and I tell everyone else to eat it!






And I get cookies sent to my house too, omg!

And then look where I have to hide all the Christmas gifts so the dogs don’t eat everything and Alec cant snoop.  Lily at some bubble gum that was supposed to go in Alec’s stocking so I had to come up with a clever spot!


Yes, the bath tub. I think it is pretty clever!  That means I have to wrap all of this tonight! I know I am a slacker.

You still have time to enter the Mad Hectic Oatmeal Giveaway!

I will pick a winner this weekend!


Last night I made a peanut butter cookie in the microwave!

Let me say it was GREAT! I want to make another one tonight!


2 tbsp peanut butter (I used smart balance chunky)

1/2 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp liquid egg whites

Pour batter into a bowl and microwave for 90 seconds. Let cool and enjoy!

AMAZING! 2 tablespoons of peanut butter has about 7 grams of protein!  Peanut butter contains healthy fats, protein, and fiber that help keep you feeling full longer!

Peanut Butter Health Benefits For Your Nutrition


Oatmeal for breakfast again- I love it!

Today’s oatmeal:
1 packet low sugar maple brown sugar oatmeal


3 tbsp liquid egg whites

almond slices


After breakfast I headed to the gym with my sister. Today’s workout:

Back & Shoulders:

A nicely toned back helps with your posture and helps lift your front also 🙂

Pull Ups (The machine was still broken, so we assisted each other by holding each other’s feet) 3 sets of however many you can do-

 Super set with Push ups

Seated Shoulder Press with Dumbbells

Pull Downs

Shoulder raises Front and Lateral

Seated Rows

Standing Upright Rows with straight bar

Bent over Rows with straight bar

Dead Lifts with Straight Bar


Hanging Chair Abs- 3 sets of 10- Try to do negatives to really feel the burn!

Incline Sit ups with 25 lb plate

No cardio today- We were dead by the end!

According to She Knows Health and Wellness, “A woman with a good posture is a woman who looks healthy, confident and sexy. Strong back muscles are essential for a strong posture as well as reducing your risk for back-related injuries. In addition, you can boldly show off your toned posterior in spring and summer back-baring fashions or that beach-worthy bikini.”

Here are 5 other exercises for a beautiful, sexy back.



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