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Good Morning!

This is going to be short and sweet today. My new goal:  Get Jacked!  🙂


This morning started with a great workout at the gym.

back, abs, shoulders

Try to increase your weight each time if possible.  If you are struggling to do 8 reps, you should probably go down in weight but if you can do 12 eat set easily, then you should probably bump it up 🙂

After my workout I came home and refueled with protein Oats!  I made overnight oats and was so pumped to eat them but I added to much cinnamon (on accident) and It was just not that great tasting 😦

So I made some regular protein oats, even though I was burning up.  They tasted great though!

protein oats

  • 1 packet plain oatmeal
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 egg white
  • stevia to taste

Topped with unsweetened coconut and almond butter!  Perfect combo of carbs and protein!

Get Jacked

While I ate my breakfast I sipped on my new muscle recovery and had my new supplements, Density.  This is only day 2 but we’ll see how it goes.



I’ll be back later!

Do you take supplements?  What are your favorites?

Good Morning!

On Thursday my sister came over for breakfast before we went to crossfit.  She has been trying to make protein pancakes and her last attempt was a fail so she came over to see how it was done 😉

I made us Protein Pancakes!  YUM.  I basically just doubled the ingredients this time.

**I think the KEY for great protein pancakes is to have a GOOD protein powder.  Not all proteins taste that great so you need one that has good flavor for these to taste good.  The protein is the main ingredient so it has to be a good one.  When I smell Beverly International Protein and it smells like cake batter I want to jump right in!

My rule of thumb on Protein Powder- If it doesn’t smell good it probably doesn’t taste good!

prot pancakes

A Bonus about Beverly, is that “she” has no artificial ingredients and one serving only has 1 gram of sugar, and 21 grams of protein.  Not to mention, she is not only good in pancakes, but she bakes well.  You can check out my Healthy Blueberry Muffin Bake if you don’t believe me!  She also mixes with water well, no chunky stuff here!   Each serving consists of 80% slow acting (micellar casein) and 20% fast acting proteins (whey isolate).

protein pancakes

“UMP is ideal before bed, as it feeds your muscles a timed released supply of aminos, keeping you in a positive nitrogen balance while you sleep.”  Beverly International

 They were very filling and delicious!

After breakfast we headed out in the COLD to Crossfit- Hello Spring where are you??

I wore my new WOD Addiction Shirt that I was so kindly sent on Monday.  Check WOD Addiction out on Facebook too!

shirt back 2

Also Be looking out for a WOD Addiction Clothing Review and Giveaway next week!!

Anyhoo, at Crossfit we worked on Deadlifts.

DL CRossfit

We usually do a STRENGTH session and focus on one major lift before we get to the WOD and today was deadlifts.   We did 7 sets of 3 to get to our 3 Rep Max.

We also learned proper form for the GHD= Glute Hamstring Developer

Here is a great video oh GHD Situps also!  They are harder than they look 🙂


After Crossfit I came home and made lunch.  Tuna Melts it was!

tuna melt 1

This little girl was close by the whole time:


For the Melts I used Van’s Whole Grain English Muffins.  I keep them in the freezer and then thaw one in the microwave when I want it.  Toast for a minute and you are good to go!


The secret ingredient in the tuna melt was 1 wedge of laughing cow cream cheese.


I mixed it with 1 can of tuna, 1 hard-boiled egg, and some seasoning.  Next I topped it with some cheese and put it under the broiler for a few minutes.  Delicious lunch.  I think a repeat will be coming soon.

tuna melt 2

During Lunch I watched Julie Foucher do the 13.3 WOD for the Crossfit Games.


Intense is all I have to say!  Wall Balls will be the death of me!  I can’t even do a muscle up, but I guess it wouldn’t really matter because it will probably take me 12 minutes to get through all the wall balls anyway!

After lunch I snacked on some of these cookies n cream protein balls:


Be Looking out for the recipe!

What Kind of Protein Powder Do You Use?

Fellow Crossfiters What Do You Think About 13.3?

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