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Good Morning!

Happy Monday!  I’m off today!!  I have to get groceries for the week still, but luckily I won’t really have lots of meal planning to do because Alec is gone half the time and Eric has school and group meetings for school in the evenings, so I don’t have to think too much in the kitchen 🙂

I’m thinking I’ll make some turkey meatloaf muffins one day, maybe grill some chicken, and do something with the shrimp that’s in the freezer, any ideas??

So This weekend was pretty laid back for me. I did lot’s of easy baking in the kitchen which I will tell you about in a minute.

Lets start with what I did to get my heart pumping shall we!?  Saturday I went to crossfit since my hands are mostly healed, at least they aren’t sore anymore and I can at least grip a bar!


We did a benchmark Workout:  Nancy


We did the WOD outside because it was a beautiful day but it was still pretty hot at 8:30 am.  65 Pounds was the prescribed weight for women but I knew I would probably die, so I did half of that, 35 lbs….The last round was pushing me to my limit, but next time I do this one I will definitively go up in weight.   My quads are still feeling the burn 🙂

Speaking of nice out, the dogs loved it!


jack collage

And Alec and I worked on a Father’s Day card for Eric.  We’re so creative.

fathers day card

It said:  Dad, we were going to give you a WHOPPing 100 GRAND for Father’s Day, but the money slipped through our BUTTERFINGERS.  We didn’t have any EXTRA money and it wasn’t PAYDAY.  We didn’t think a pet KITKAT, a trip to New YORK, or an ORBIT around the MILKYWAY would be appropriate.   We want to wish you MOUNDS of ALMONDJOY NOW&LATER as you eat this card.  We hope it doesn’t make you ROLOver and get sick.  If it does we promise not to SNICKER.  Love your favorite AIRHEADS!

I also made some more Cinnamon Walnut Egg White Bites, but they didn’t turn out as good as the first batch and I think it’s because I used carton egg whites.  Regular whites from the egg are the way to go on this one.

egg white bites

The first batch was the bomb, I will make them again!


Father’s day was spent at my parents and then at the in-laws, and we had plenty of good food!  I didn’t get pictures of any of it though 😦  I did make Paleo Giant Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chunk Cookies though.   They were a pretty high calorie cookie for all the peanut butter in them so I cut them in half 🙂


I also made two batches of my protein power balls, one for me and one for my sister while she is at the police academy!  I added some protein powder into the mix as well.

Breakfast 010


I did a T – AB – ATA  that I found on the GPP Fitness Website.  This was a good one!  I found out about GPP Fitness while at Blend retreat because they hosted our amazing bootcamps that kicked my butt!

t AB ata

I also did an arm workout that my husband helped me come up with 🙂

bicep and tricep

Here are some links for the following exercises:

Cross Body Hammer Curl

Incline Skull Crushers

Isolated or Concentrated Bicep Curl

Weighted Bench Dip

How was your weekend?

Do you ever change up your workout routine?

Good morning!

Why can’t my days off look like this??


Monday was the start of Push Up Challenge Week 3.  How are you doing if you are following along?

Push-Up Challenge Week 3 Workout 1

Here are my results from Monday:

pu challenge week 3

I also did some Abs & Biceps

abs and biceps


abs and biceps 2

Before my workout I had my 3 month fit test.

 I used to work out with a trainer about a year and a half ago… From her I learned the proper ways to exercise and lift weights.   After I stopped working out with her I would still meet her every 60-90 days to redo my fit score to see If I was making any progress on my own.

The fit test measures variable things including endurance, strenght, flexibility, etc…

She takes my measurements and blood pressure, and also uses the calipers to get my body fat %.  She said she would put the numbers into a calculation and maybe we could do the “pinch test” to see how they correspond with each other too.

I’ve been doing the FIT TEST now for a bout a year and a half.  I had my first fit test in Sept 2011.

Today to test my strength we did the CHEST PRESS MACHINE.  I had to see how many SIT UPS I could do in one minute.  A year ago I did 32…today I did 52!   I wore a heart rate monitor and the trainer made me walk on the treadmill for 5 minutes to see my resting and my max heart rate.

A couple results that really stuck out to me were these:

Sept 2011: Strength:  I could only lift 60 lbs 2 times on the chest press machine!!!

Feb 2013:  I lifted 85lbs 8 times!

I feel like I have gotten tremendously stronger!

Sept 2011 Measurements:  Right Arm 9.5

Feb 2013:  Right Arm 10.25

I’ve been working on these puny arms…they aren’t so puny anymore!

Post Workout Snack:

Beverly International Protein Shake + Carrot Cake Protein Square

feb 11th 001


Pecan Nut Thins with Spreadable Cheese

feb 11th 002

feb 11th 003

A veggie spread with a sprinkle of salt.  I’m learning to love plain veggies so much more than I used to.

feb 11th 005

feb 11th 008

A Hard boiled egg for some added protein, and then a pear a few minutes later.  I realized I didn’t have any fruit with my breakfast so I needed some!


KIND + PROTEIN Bar: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

feb 11th 012

A handful of BBQ POP Chips

Protein Power Ball

(Did I mention I eat a ton when I am home)

I also received a package today!

feb 11th 013

Attune Foods sent me some Cereal : Uncle Sam’s Original and Uncle Sam’s Raisin Bran.  (They must know of my LOVE for cereal)

feb 11th 014

I cannot wait to try these.  The original has less than one gram of sugar per serving, 10g of fiber and 7 grams of protein! Holy Cow!

 I still have to do a review on some Oatmeal I received and SuperSeedz so be looking out for it!


I made Alec a pizza and I am not going to lie I had a few bites 🙂

And I made Eric and myself breakfast: 2 eggs, Ezekial toast and blueberries.

brinner 1

Getting ready to watch the bachelor and pack some lunches for tomorrow.

Until later…

I love breakfast for dinner, are you a fan?

Do you ever do any kind of “fit test”?


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