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Good Morning!
Today I have a guest post for you all!  This is one blogger friend who lives super close to me, In good ole, Ky!  Here is Nicole..
Hello!  I’m Nicole and blog over at Fruit n Fitness.  I was so excited when Sara asked me to write a guest post for her.  As a graduate student I wanted to share some tips for living healthy on a budget.
I think it’s funny when I hear other college or grad students living on ramen.  There are more budget friendly choices than ramen. It’s amazing how many healthy, tasty and reasonably priced options there are in the grocery store. It’s no secret that I love breakfast foods.  One of my favorite budget friendly breakfasts is oatmeal.  I buy a large container of steel cut oats for around $4 at the grocery store and it lasts me at least two weeks. I like to stir egg whites and frozen fruit, nuts, coconut or chocolate chips into my oatmeal.  Eggs are also usually inexpensive and run $2-$4 per dozen depending on if you choose to purchase organic.
What grocery store you shop at can have a big impact on your weekly grocery budget.  I love going to whole foods for special treats but do most of my grocery shopping at Aldi, Krogers and Trader Joes.  Aldi is not the most relaxing shopping experience but I can get 2+ weeks of groceries for under $70.  I love costco for chia seeds, flax, protein powder, rice and dates.  Not including my costco staples I usually keep my weekly grocery bill under $40.
Healthy dinner on a budget means not eating out a lot.  I usually eat out once every week or two and make the rest of my meals at home.  Cooking at home is not only less expensive but also, usually healthier.  I find that I eat a lot of breakfast foods for dinner.  I love greek yogurt and Chobani frequently goes on sale 10 for $10. That’s a great price for the protein component of a meal or snack.
In addition to breakfast for dinner buying frozen foods can provide a big savings.  I like to buy large bags of frozen chicken, salmon, fruits and vegetables.  Buying frozen foods is just as healthy as fresh and usually much less expensive.  I always look for no sugar added when buying frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is a great addition to smoothies and oatmeal.  The salmon, green beans and asparagus in the photo below were all purchased frozen from Aldi.  I always stock up on frozen vegetables when they go on sale 10 for $10.
Exercising on a budget is even easier than eating on one!  I was able to obtain a year long gym member ship for under $100 with my student ID.  If you don’t have access to a gym there are so many fun workouts you can do at home.  A fun at home workout is walking with my dog Bentley and my personal favorite, running!
I hope you have found some of these tips helpful!  It really is easy to eat and live healthy on a budget if you put just a little thought into your purchases and avoid over priced prepared meals and snacks.  100 calorie snack packs are convenient but it is a lot less expensive to buy a large bag or box of your favorite snack and portion it out on your own.
Question:  What are some tips you have for staying healthy on a budget?

Good Morning!

I have another recap of Blend Retreat for you guys…sorry if you are getting sick of it!  I have lots to share though!!  I’ll try to wrap it up, but there was just so much booty kickin and fun going on that I need to share!  This will be the final recap of my blogging retreat, so I hope you enjoy!

yay blend 2013


We started Saturday and Sunday off with  hard-core boot camps led by GPP Fitness.  I got absolutely zero good pictures on these morning so some of these will be borrowed 🙂  Don’t worry they will receive credit!

Blend 2013 GPP Workouts

This one is from Heather, at Kiss My Broccoli!  GO check out her page for some awesome weekend recaps!

After 8,654 lunges, 458 burpees,700 squats, and some side ab KILLERS (yes that is the official name), we also did some cartwheels!

Top Left: Me and Becca- another roomie  who was so interesting and awesome to talk to!

yay pic collage

Bottom Right:  Me and Maren– I didn’t get to spend tons of time with her, but she was so fun!

The whole group of roomies after bootcamp on Saturday!


Sorry for the blurry pics 😦


Breakfast on Saturday was hosted by Muesli Fusion and The Laughing Cow.  Check out the spread.

yum breakfast collage 2

yum BF collage 2

Who doesn’t love cheese seriously?

After our wonderful breakfast we headed back to our rooms to yet another surprise!!

more swag

Core Power Protein Shakes, Zevia (one exploded in my suitcase on the way home), Soy Joy and Attune Foods chocolate bars. How awesome!  We were nervous that all the swag wasn’t going to fit in our bags!  I made it ALL fit though!!

yum more free stuff 2

yum more free stuff 2



After acting like it was Christmas time from all our free gifts, we got for our hike up the mountains!  I’ve actually never been on a REAL hike, so I can say this was my first, and it was awesome.  It was a little muddy though, so some people stayed back and did Zumba, but I’m glad I trucked through the mud and did it.  This was one of my favorite activities, mud and all!

pre hike

yikes dirty shoes

Some people tossed theirs after the hike but I washed mine and wore them home, good as new!

Our hike  sponsored by ProBar so we had snacks to take with us!

yum probar 2

yum pro bar

The hike was about 4.5 miles… That long of a hike after a tough workout= Sore Legs!

We headed out…

hike collage 1

hike collage 2 revised

Can you spot the Muesli Fusion Sponsor in these pictures?

Hint Hint: It’s the only guy!

yay hiking the girls

After the hike we went back to the hotel, I washed my shoes, and we showered before our next snack break.  We were super pumped to meet Miss USA and try some of Onnit’s Walnut Almond Cashew Butter and the Macadamia Cacao Cherry Butter on Rice Cakes.  The Walnut was my favorite!  I could eat it straight from the jar, as if this is something new!

miss usa collage

Check out Miss USA on Facebook and her podcast Women Against Mediocrity .  She was a blast to hang out with!

Photo Credit to De

After our snack break we headed into town!  We hit up the most amazing store ever.  I loved it!


We then headed to dinner, had some drinks, and a great night!

wow sat night revised

yes the gang

After a few drinks we had to go back and try Momma B’s (Janetha’s mom) famous Utah scones.  I think I ate 4 with honey apple butter, omg!

utah scones so good

Off to bed after filling my belly so I could get up bright and early for bootcamp and breakfast.

Sunday’s breakfast was hosted by Chobani, the official blend Sponsor– heck yes!


There was chobani pancakes, smoothies, oatmeal with all kinda of granola, and an omelet station!  It was amazing.

Blend 2013 Chobani Omelet Station

Photo Credit- Heather

And then we headed to the closing ceremony where the girls raffled off tons of prizes!


I won the NuttZo!  Exactly what I had my eye on.


Then we headed to the airport 😦  I didn’t want to leave.  There were so many girls that I wanted to meet and didn’t get to talk to but I’m so happy for the relationships that I did make!  I met lots of ladies that I know I will have lasting relationships with.


And I saved the best for last…  What a great snack for being stuck in an airport for 3 hours.


THE END…  I hope you enjoyed my BLEND 2013 recaps!  I can’t wait to go back next year!

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