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I love Christmas time! It is my absolute favorite. I thought I would do this along with the “24 Days of Togetherness”

I saw this on Chelsey’s Blog so I thought I would do it too!!


I am a little behind so I am going to try and catch up!

1. Your favorite Christmas Movie– Elf  for sure!


2. Your 2012 Christmas Wish list- 

Workout clothes, Casual black boots, Winter coat, Chai teas, Victorias Secret, Dicks, Panera, or Francescas gift cards; CROSSFIT membership, Kitchenaid mixer ( I know that’s a lot) 🙂

3. When/How did you learn that Santa wasn’t real?- 

I don’t really remember!? That’s bad isn’t it? I think I will ask my mom, maybe she will remember!

4. Favorite Christmas Song- 

Either “Sleigh Ride” By Ferrante and Teicher or the Home Alone song: “Rockin around the Christmas Tree”.

5. Best gift you have ever received

When I was little I always wanted a doll house! I forget how old I was but I got one! It wasn’t the barbie hot pink though, it was like a tin one with all kinds of little furniture. I can’t believe I remember that!

6. Your favorite tree ornament –

Obviously this one! This is how my husband proposed to me on Dec. 14th, 2009!

xmas ornament

This is the actual picture on that day. With the ring!

all pics 325

7. Most Memorable Christmas-

This would have to be close to the same answer as number 6, Christmas 2009, Our first Christmas as an engaged couple!  This picture isn’t from Christmas but it is from our rehearsal dinner the day before our wedding.

rehearsal,weddind day,honeymoon 019

8. Post a picture of Christmas decor

Our Christmas Tree 2012

xmas tree 2012

More to come for the 25 Days of Christmas


The “24 Days of Togetherness!

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