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Good Morning!

I love sharing my wonderful eats, and that is indeed what it was yesterday!  Make sure you also head over to Jenn’s blog and find out what she’s been snacking on lately too!

What I Ate Wednesday: Sensible Snacking

Breakfast:  I was off work yesterday so I had plenty of time to play in the kitchen.

Blueberry (Almond flour) Protein Pancakes were on the menu for Eric and I yesterday morning!  We had some running around to do so I knew we needed something to hold us for at least a few hours.
bb protein pancakes




Fitness:  Arms & Back Plus A WOD that included my good ole kettlebell, box jumps, push ups, and sit ups- took me 8:50


Lunch:  Leftover Chicken Fajitas- Chicken, red and yellow peppers, sprinkle of cheese. 1/4 avocado added after snapshot 🙂



me and lily

Dinner: Giant plate of spaghetti squash and turkey meatballs

sp squash

First Cut Spaghetti Squash in Half.  Hint:  I make this easier by sticking the entire thing in the microwave for about 5 minutes first ! I spread a little bit of Olive Oil or Grapessed oil with s&p, and garlic onto the squash.  Place it rind up in the oven for 45 minutes at 400 degrees!

Top with meat sauce or turkey meatballs like I did!  This is really only 3 meatballs cut into pieces but looks like way more!  I am not defending that I have a huge meal here, because I do!!  So good!

squash 2

And a little breakfast prep:

What could this be!?!?  This is my first time making this concoction but I cannot wait to share the recipe (As long as it tastes good!)


And to finish off my night:

dark choc

Did you eat anything different or really tasty this week so far? 

Good Morning!
Today I have a guest post for you all!  This is one blogger friend who lives super close to me, In good ole, Ky!  Here is Nicole..
Hello!  I’m Nicole and blog over at Fruit n Fitness.  I was so excited when Sara asked me to write a guest post for her.  As a graduate student I wanted to share some tips for living healthy on a budget.
I think it’s funny when I hear other college or grad students living on ramen.  There are more budget friendly choices than ramen. It’s amazing how many healthy, tasty and reasonably priced options there are in the grocery store. It’s no secret that I love breakfast foods.  One of my favorite budget friendly breakfasts is oatmeal.  I buy a large container of steel cut oats for around $4 at the grocery store and it lasts me at least two weeks. I like to stir egg whites and frozen fruit, nuts, coconut or chocolate chips into my oatmeal.  Eggs are also usually inexpensive and run $2-$4 per dozen depending on if you choose to purchase organic.
What grocery store you shop at can have a big impact on your weekly grocery budget.  I love going to whole foods for special treats but do most of my grocery shopping at Aldi, Krogers and Trader Joes.  Aldi is not the most relaxing shopping experience but I can get 2+ weeks of groceries for under $70.  I love costco for chia seeds, flax, protein powder, rice and dates.  Not including my costco staples I usually keep my weekly grocery bill under $40.
Healthy dinner on a budget means not eating out a lot.  I usually eat out once every week or two and make the rest of my meals at home.  Cooking at home is not only less expensive but also, usually healthier.  I find that I eat a lot of breakfast foods for dinner.  I love greek yogurt and Chobani frequently goes on sale 10 for $10. That’s a great price for the protein component of a meal or snack.
In addition to breakfast for dinner buying frozen foods can provide a big savings.  I like to buy large bags of frozen chicken, salmon, fruits and vegetables.  Buying frozen foods is just as healthy as fresh and usually much less expensive.  I always look for no sugar added when buying frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is a great addition to smoothies and oatmeal.  The salmon, green beans and asparagus in the photo below were all purchased frozen from Aldi.  I always stock up on frozen vegetables when they go on sale 10 for $10.
Exercising on a budget is even easier than eating on one!  I was able to obtain a year long gym member ship for under $100 with my student ID.  If you don’t have access to a gym there are so many fun workouts you can do at home.  A fun at home workout is walking with my dog Bentley and my personal favorite, running!
I hope you have found some of these tips helpful!  It really is easy to eat and live healthy on a budget if you put just a little thought into your purchases and avoid over priced prepared meals and snacks.  100 calorie snack packs are convenient but it is a lot less expensive to buy a large bag or box of your favorite snack and portion it out on your own.
Question:  What are some tips you have for staying healthy on a budget?

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