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For breakfast I had a turkey bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a whole wheat toasted sandwich thin! Delicious!  I used the laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese spread.  I also like turkey bacon better than regular bacon these days.

food 002 food 003 food 005

I enjoyed my meal with a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

food 008

 At the gym I worked on Chest and did a short tabata!


Flat chest Press Machine : 12, 10, 8, 6

Incline chest press with dumbbells – super set with dumbbell flys

Seated Chest Press machine

Chest Fly Machine – super set with standing oblique crunches


Winter Tabata

After the gym I got a little shopping and drank my cookies n cream protein shake.

 I picked up lunch for myself and my mother in law.  Then she gave me a much-needed manicure!

For lunch I had a chopped chicken cobb salad from Panera with an iced tea.

salad 3

BLOG erase 062

salad 2

salad 4

BLOG erase 072

My afternoon snack was some mixed nuts (almonds, pistachios, and cashews) with 2 mini babybel’s.

food 012

I ate two mini babybel’s because I was still hungry!

food 014

For dinner we had homemade pizza on whole wheat crust.  On top of my half was fresh mozzarella cheese, orange pepper, and spicy sausage.

pizza 002


pizza 006

pizza 007

My friend Erin told me about this diet she used to do by Jorge Cruise.   I decided I would research it a little.  It’s the Belly Fat cure and the main thing you watch is your SUGAR and CARBS!  I thought WOW this would be hard to follow.

foooodddyy 010

I don’t like following diets, because If I cheat at all I feel like I am failing.  Since I am not trying to lose weight (If anything trying to gain weight from muscle) I probably will not follow this completely, but it is a good guide to help watch your intake!

Basically its an S/C system

S= Sugar

C= Carbs

The total sugar you are allowed to eat in one day is only 15 grams and you are allowed to have 6 servings of carbs (120 grams).

So your S/C = 15/6

0-4 g of carbs doesn’t count- so this is free.

5-20 grams of carbs = 1 serving

21-40 = 2 servings

41-60 = 3 servings

Now, I eat a lot of fruit, veggies, and Greek yogurt so If I truly followed this then I would go over my sugar for the day by just eating one piece of fruit or one cup of greek yogurt!  Another reason I cannot follow this diet completely!  If you are truly trying to lose weight and belly fat, then you would want to watch these things more closely.

According to “The American Heart Association recommends no more than 26 grams of sugar per day for women, or 36 grams per day for men.   And for men and women ages 19 to 30, the USDA recommends two cups of fruit per day.  But depending on which fruit is picked, this could be bad news for fruit lovers: Just two cups of sliced bananas adds up to the maximum recommended amount, clocking in at 36 grams of sugar!”

I like to eat fruit for the other added benefits of vitamins and minerals, so I am not saying don’t eat fruit,  but if you want to follow Jorge Cruise’s diet plan you would have to watch how much fruit you consume.

I do not have his book, so I don’t know all the rules about eating fruits, veggies etc, because both of these foods contain sugars and carbs!  If you want to know more you can do some research online or buy his material.

If you really want to follow this diet you must read LABELS and research the food you are going to eat if you eat out at restaurants a lot.   Many foods have so much more sugar than you think!

Ketchup, sauces, jelly, salad dressings, etc all have hidden sugars that we don’t really think about.


There is approx 4 grams of sugar in 1 tbsp of ketchup, and we all know when we use ketchup we use way more than 1 tbsp!

Did you know that the average american consumes 189 grams of sugar per day! (Excerpt from Jorge Cruise’s Book The Belly Fat Cure)

“The average apple or just one banana, based on the size, is about 14 to 20 grams of sugar. That’s fine if you have kids at home that are trying to gain weight or are trying to grow, but if you’re trying to get smaller, what you want to go for are the berries, like the blueberries, blackberries, raspberries … they’re the low-sugar fruits.”  (Tip from Jorge Cruise)

I thought I would track my meals for the day and  just to see how close I was to this diet.  My results:

Breakfast : 2/1

Snack : 1/0

Lunch : 3/1

Snack: 2/1

Snack : 10/1

(one clementine!)

Dinner : 4/2

(each slice of pizza had 22 g of carbs so this is 2 servings, not 1 : I had one slice)

Snack : 8/1

Blueberries with lite cool whip (fruit sugar 7 whip 2, carbs 10)

BB 001

Total: 31/7

I think I did pretty well for the day, since I was actually trying to watch my intake!  I am pretty sure on a typical day I eat way more than 15 grams of sugar, especially with my fruit, protein bars, and Greek yogurt!

I tried to follow this strictly today just to see if I could do it and I still had  at least 30 grams of sugar if I counted right!

 I will try to stick with the American Heart’s recommendation, which I still went over because of the fruit I ate, which I love!


What is your favorite LOW CARB or LOW SUGAR snack??

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My First Crossfit Experience

crossfit 007

I went to crossfit on Sunday for the first time with my friend Erin!  Before I went I had a banana and me preworkout shake.

erase 001

crossfit 008

This was a previous workout, but since it was my first time I am taking the beginner classes!


cross fit yea

This beginner class was awesome. After we learned the basics on each workout we did the WOD:

  • 50 Double Unders (or 150 regular jump rope)
  • 21 – 15 – 9 of  Dead Lifts, Wall Balls
  • To finish- another 50 Double Unders

She didn’t make me do the last set of Jump Rope. Thank God. I was very winded. My heart rate during the wall balls when I checked my watch said 180! No wonder I was out of breath! After it all was said and done I burned 708 calories!

After Crossfit I came home and showered and made “brunch” since it was almost noon!

Scrambled eggs ( 1 egg and 2 egg whites) with spinach, avocado, and cheese.

Whole wheat sandwich thin with chunky peanut butter

crossfit 020

crossfit 021

crossfit 022

crossfit 026

Lily loves peanut butter!

lily pb

During the day I had a soup cooking in the crock pot, getting ready for Monday’s meal.  I work 10 hours then I will probably go to the gym so I made homemade soup.  Something easy so the boys can eat without waiting on me.

Shredded chicken, organic low sodium chicken broth, water, a bunch of veggies (edamame, carrots, spinach, corn), salt and pepper.

soup 002

soup 003

After dinner we made chocolate chip Christmas cookies for the 24 Days of Togetherness!  We made the real thing. No healthy version of these 🙂

food 005

We split the batter, and made some with white chocolate chunks and the other half with dark chocolate chips!

food 006

food 009

I snacked on some dark chocolate chips while the cookies baked.

food 007

While Alec licked the bowls clean.

food 010

I also ate a zillion of them myself! (Only 2 small ones) I couldn’t resist. They were so tasty. I’m taking a dozen to work so they aren’t tempting me at the house to eat!

food 011

  • Weekly Meal Plan:
  • Mon: Homemade Soup
  • Tues: Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust 🙂
  • Wed: Lasagna for the boys
  • Thur: Chicken fajitas with low carb tortillas
  • Fri: Eat Out
  • Sat: Turkey Burgers with sweet potato wedges
  • Sun: Chicken stir fry


One more final word for the winner of the Chobani Greek Yogurt Giveaway:


What a great giveaway! I love Chobani! :)

 Alisa,  please email me at with your contact information so we can send you your free case of yogurt! This is the last chance for you to contact me so you can get the yogurt!! Thanks

Question of the day:

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie ?

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