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FCC Friday:


No, I didn’t have a cupcake today ūüė¶


Or a peanut butter cookie from work that everyone kept saying was “so soft, so good, so tasty”.

30 day challenge

I have been doing a 30 Day Challenge of eating healthy without SWEETS. ¬†I’m talking no cupcakes, cookies, muffins, chocolate, STARBUCKS (I should save some money), or anything of this nature. ¬†You might be asking how this is possible!?

Well believe me,  it is hard but I still try to eat food that will at least kind of satisfy my sweet tooth!  If you know me, you know I have a HUGE sweet tooth!


So what have I been eating to help satisfy my sweet tooth you ask?

 Greek Yogurt

phone blog erase 137


holidays 050

holidays 052

Protein shakes

New Years Eve 2012-2013 070

Fruit with lite cool whip

blog food 009

Protein power balls
Peanut butter on pretty much anything:
Healthy Apple Nachos
Cheese and nuts (almonds, walnuts, pecans  etc)

snack collage

Enough of that, I have some great news… Drum-roll¬†please…

I am so excited to announce that I am now a:



Girls Gone Sporty is a “movement”: ¬†

An internet based company, who in time should be able to hold retreats, training, and sponsor teams!  I am part of TEAM RAD because we are indeed that : RAD!

Girls Gone Sporty is all about “Living the Sporty Life” where women can come together to creative a positive and¬†contagious¬†atmosphere that we can all benefit from. ¬†It is about focusing on WHOLE health, enjoying life, and being adventurous and fun while still focusing on taking care of ourselves: mind, body, and spirit!

Check out the website for some awesome articles, recipes, and fitness tips ūüôā

I am really excited about this opportunity to work with GGS and hopefully I will get some more FCC readers.

As you probably know, my blog is only a couple months old;  still a baby..  But I have HIGH hopes that Fitcupcaker will take on the world!

Or some of it at least ūüôā


Friday’s breakfast was Leftover Zesty Veggie Quiche Muffins from Thursday night’s dinner:

food for thought 001


food for thought 003

My snack at work was quick and easy:


For lunch, our director bought us all Bagel Brothers.  I had a turkey sandwich on a croissant.


Pickles, and a few chips on the side.

bagel brothers

Of course, got to have veggies.


I snacked on some mixed nuts while I made dinner.

mixed nuts


Chicken and Shrimp Stir Fry:

food for thought 006

I sauteed some stir fry veggie that I bought at Trader Joes, and I also added some fresh carrots and broccoli to the mix.

food for thought 004

Add in your chicken, shrimp, and stir fry sauce.

food for thought 007

Served over brown rice, perfect.

food for thought 008

Have a good weekend! ¬†We have our belated Holiday work party on Saturday. ¬†It should be a good time ūüôā

Do you have any fun weekend plans?

What is is your favorite protein shake?

How do you try and curb your sweet tooth?

Happy New Year!

Lets take A look back at some of the good times of 2012:

Bengals Game with my hubby:

bengals game- jan 1 2012 003

Good times with friends:


Alec graduating Elementary school:


Trips with Friends:

Chicago bound: My friend Lindsey, she was the cutest prego ever!

chicago 2012- ,gatlinburg Aug 2012, New pup Jackson Bday June 24 106

SPRINKLES cupcakes!!

chicago 2012- ,gatlinburg Aug 2012, New pup Jackson Bday June 24 119

Chicago, just the girls: (I must love Chicago)


Our volleyball team: Small Sharp Spikes

VB girls 002

My First Races (I was never a runner before this):

races collage

Summer Trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee:

chicago 2012- ,gatlinburg Aug 2012, New pup Jackson Bday June 24 162

Our anniversary 2 years was in August:

chicago 2012- ,gatlinburg Aug 2012, New pup Jackson Bday June 24 192

My Birthday:

jackson,lily- my 27th bday 019

Got A New  Puppy: Sir Jackson

jackson,lily- my 27th bday 004

chicago 2012- ,gatlinburg Aug 2012, New pup Jackson Bday June 24 194

November 2012: Started my Blog: Fitcupcaker!


These are just a few of the great memories! I hope everyone has an awesome 2013!

Since Fitcupcaker is only a couple of months old, I do not have a million posts, but these are some of the top of 2012!  Enjoy!

Back to the Grind

cardio chest circuit

Power Balls


Healthy Alternative & Game Night

blog10 018

Thank you all so much for reading!  I hope you will continue to follow me through my health and fitness journey through 2013!

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