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Welcome to DAY 2 Of the PUSH UP CHALLENGE

Push-Up Challenge

Thank you, Becky for hosting 🙂

Wednesdays Push Up workout: 

(This workout was supposed to happen on Wednesday but it was my OFF day from the gym so I did it on Thursday)

1. As many real push-ups as possible!
2. 1 minute rest
3. 90 second plank
4. 1 minute rest
5. 30 knee push-ups
6. 1 minute rest
7. 90 second plank
8. 1 minute rest
9. 30 knee push-ups

I did 9 REAL PUSHUPS!  Which was worse than my first day…It’s going to be a LONG month!

Are you in on the challenge?  Use hashtage #pushupchallenge on twitter if you want to keep connected 🙂

I continued on with some chest and shoulder exercises to finish off 🙂  Boy was my upper body tired after!

keep it tight

My total fat burn % of calories was 50%!   That is a ton!

Does everyone like when I post my workouts?  

What would you like to see different related to fitness and gym workouts?

Breakfast again today was pumpkin oatmeal.

I guess I just can’t get the Thanksgiving theme out of my head! I hope everyone got some awesome Cyber Monday Deals. I know I did! I bought

Mad Hectic Oatmeal!

After working 10 hours I headed to the gym.

Today’s workout: BICEPS

Alternating Bicep Curl- 3 sets of 10 Super set with push ups

Hanging Curls with EZ Bar

Cable Bicep Curl with Straight Bar super set with Standing Oblique crunches

Concentrated Curls – 3 sets of 15

Hammer Curls (negatives)- super set with push ups

21’s- 2 sets (By this time my arms are on fire!)


Hanging Abs- Slow down (negatives)

Planks- Hold One Minute

Repeat Sequence  3X

Negatives are when you lower the weight slowly, letting it come down on its own. This is a slower exercise. So for hammer curls you would curl up normally and lower very slowly, contracting those muscles. For the abs you would crunch normally and lower very slowly feeling the burn on the way down.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Pure Barre for my 2nd visit. I am so excited to feel the burn again!

 I will also be writing my article on PURE BARRE and the newest location in Ft Wright, Ky so I hope you follow me. Don’t you want to feel the burn??

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