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Good Morning!
Today I have a guest post for you all!  This is one blogger friend who lives super close to me, In good ole, Ky!  Here is Nicole..
Hello!  I’m Nicole and blog over at Fruit n Fitness.  I was so excited when Sara asked me to write a guest post for her.  As a graduate student I wanted to share some tips for living healthy on a budget.
I think it’s funny when I hear other college or grad students living on ramen.  There are more budget friendly choices than ramen. It’s amazing how many healthy, tasty and reasonably priced options there are in the grocery store. It’s no secret that I love breakfast foods.  One of my favorite budget friendly breakfasts is oatmeal.  I buy a large container of steel cut oats for around $4 at the grocery store and it lasts me at least two weeks. I like to stir egg whites and frozen fruit, nuts, coconut or chocolate chips into my oatmeal.  Eggs are also usually inexpensive and run $2-$4 per dozen depending on if you choose to purchase organic.
What grocery store you shop at can have a big impact on your weekly grocery budget.  I love going to whole foods for special treats but do most of my grocery shopping at Aldi, Krogers and Trader Joes.  Aldi is not the most relaxing shopping experience but I can get 2+ weeks of groceries for under $70.  I love costco for chia seeds, flax, protein powder, rice and dates.  Not including my costco staples I usually keep my weekly grocery bill under $40.
Healthy dinner on a budget means not eating out a lot.  I usually eat out once every week or two and make the rest of my meals at home.  Cooking at home is not only less expensive but also, usually healthier.  I find that I eat a lot of breakfast foods for dinner.  I love greek yogurt and Chobani frequently goes on sale 10 for $10. That’s a great price for the protein component of a meal or snack.
In addition to breakfast for dinner buying frozen foods can provide a big savings.  I like to buy large bags of frozen chicken, salmon, fruits and vegetables.  Buying frozen foods is just as healthy as fresh and usually much less expensive.  I always look for no sugar added when buying frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is a great addition to smoothies and oatmeal.  The salmon, green beans and asparagus in the photo below were all purchased frozen from Aldi.  I always stock up on frozen vegetables when they go on sale 10 for $10.
Exercising on a budget is even easier than eating on one!  I was able to obtain a year long gym member ship for under $100 with my student ID.  If you don’t have access to a gym there are so many fun workouts you can do at home.  A fun at home workout is walking with my dog Bentley and my personal favorite, running!
I hope you have found some of these tips helpful!  It really is easy to eat and live healthy on a budget if you put just a little thought into your purchases and avoid over priced prepared meals and snacks.  100 calorie snack packs are convenient but it is a lot less expensive to buy a large bag or box of your favorite snack and portion it out on your own.
Question:  What are some tips you have for staying healthy on a budget?

Good Morning and Happy Mother’s Day!

So, I am a step mom if you guys didn’t already know…so that still counts!!

gatlinburg me and alec

Me and Alec in Gatlinburg last year

I saw this on Giselle’s blog and loved it so I knew I needed to share it!

So what did I get on Mother’s Day??  A sweet beach bag for my upcoming Florida trip!


And an awesome card!



This card made me laugh out loud, so true 🙂


So this weekend was a busy one for me and Friday I didn’t get a workout in.  I worked ten hours, and then went straight to dinner to celebrate the existence of my AWESOME, AMAZING, CARING, GIVING mother!!   I know we all say “my mother is the best”, but seriously “MY mother is the best!”

me and mom

My wedding Day- Mom and Me

After dinner I went to my friend Jamie’s going away party 😦  She got a job in Arizona   Holy far away!!  I’ll miss our summer pool times together!


Yesterday I had to go back to work to teach education stuff so we can all keep our nursing jobs 🙂  I had plenty of errands to run after work including grocery shopping to pick up mother’s day dinner necessities, and a home depot stop!  Saturday was weird meal-wise.  I didn’t have any real meals except for breakfast: which was an egg white delight from McDonalds.  I waited for 10 minutes for this too (a reminder why I usually cook my own meals- and they usually taste better!)

Egg White Delight McMuffin

During our educational session I also had an apple and snacked on bits and pieces of some Panera bagels that were brought in.  It was about 2 o’clock when I was at the grocery store, hungry by now for lunch (reminder, never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach) so while shopping I ate a Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter protein bar!  Don’t worry I showed the cashier the wrapper and said I ate it while shopping 🙂  Nobody ever said this was illegal!


Sorry I was a bad blogger and I forgot to take pictures of almost everything I ate during the day . When I got home I broke out the running shoes and went for a little run.  And yes, it was short.

run shoes


I mentioned previously that I haven’t run in a LONG time!  Last year I trained for the 1/2 marathon in Columbus and got up to 11.7 miles (I will never forget this random number!) but I never actually ran the half.  I am not heart-broken by this in any way.  I was NEVER a runner EVER, and I ran 11.7 miles so that was a HUGE accomplishment for me and I was happy about that.

I was injured a lot and running took a toll on my body.  The pain in my foot/ankle, knees, and lower back was enough for me take a rest. I went from zero running, to running twice a week and long distances.  I got burnt out on running very quickly and towards the end I didn’t even enjoy it.  That’s when I knew I needed a break.

Now I am trying to get back into it slowly and I think Crossfit has had a big influence on this decision.  Crossfit has increased my endurance and my ability to actually breathe while running!  If I don’t focus on the pain in my legs I am good 🙂  So yesterday I ran 2.5 miles with a couple short walking breaks.  I felt pretty good about it.

After my run I really wanted a Power Ice  but they weren’t frozen yet 😦  I got these frozen ice bars in the mail to review and I can’t wait to try them!

power ice

They are supposed to cool your body temperature before or after exercise to enhance performance.  I’ll let you guys know how I like them!


I found a spinach and cheese pizza chillin in the freezer and decided to go for it!  It was pretty awesome!


Then I did some baking and made these  Almond Power Cookies from Megan Telpner for dessert tonight.


Alec was my taste tester and he approved.  He said “I’m starting to get used to your healthy cooking.”  He likes coconut, dark chocolate, and even ate some of my pizza that had spinach on it!  Who knew!?

cookie collage

More on the amazing Mother’s Day Dinner to come!

Do you enjoy running?

Any fun plans for Mothers Day?

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